To Develop

Our role in this area of work is mainly to facilitate and support organisations and individuals in addressing the immediate and urgent issues that affect our community.  We have initiated and convened events, bringing together expert organisations to brainstorm and put in place partnership action-plans, to tackle issues such as the Persian Language GCSE crisis in 2018-19.  Our policy and practice in this area of work is based entirely on principles of transparency, accountability and fairness, all of which is echoed in our partnership work with other groups. 

This section of our work includes:

  • Partnership developments
  • Capacity-building (research development, social capital, humanitarian and business)
  • Networking development.

Although Pouyesh is not a direct service provider in the traditional form, we have provided a number of services to our fellow community organisations, ranging from Partnership & Business Development Models to Policy & Procedure Framework for Mentoring schemes.