About Pouyesh

About Us

Pouyesh serves the British-Iranian community. We are a non-governmental organisation (NGO), non-religious and without political persuasion, aiming to give British-Iranians a voice: A positive voice from a community proud of its heritage, keen to develop, eager to integrate into British society and to be represented in decision-making processes.

The Persian word ‘pouyesh’ means ‘endeavour’. Our work is to inspire, inform and facilitate the development of British-Iranians, supporting their needs and aspirations. We strive to celebrate and share our rich heritage and culture, as we promote partnership-working and integration into the host society.

The majority of British-Iranians make significant contributions in Britain across all sectors, within business, the health sector, the academia, the arts and the charitable community. These people are role models, with who we aim to work to facilitate the development of our community.

Pouyesh works to promote a strong British-Iranian community that is better understood, highly regarded and respected as citizens. Central in our work is the accumulation of knowledge and the sharing of knowledge.

Pouyesh has evolved from BICDO (British Iranian Community Development Organisation), which was formed in 2010.  BICDO’s work was reviewed in 2019, its initiatives were developed and its name changed to Pouyesh to better reflect its work.

Our work consists of following provisions:

  • Awareness-raising events
  • Learning and sharing knowledge
  • Commissioning and conducting research
  • Supporting others to build capacity
  • Social and cultural events
  • Education and training
  • Representation and lobbying
  • Influencing policy